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Rebellious Rose Jewelry

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  1. Aunt Leah avatar
    Aunt Leah Oct 23, 2010

    Love the Thorn in My Pride rings Tilla! Also the vintage infinity ring

  2. Tilla Abel avatar
    Tilla Abel Oct 28, 2010

    Hi there! I wish I could do another trip to Florida this year….was so amazing!!. I will make you something/anything custom just for “Aunt Leah “anytime you like, just give me some hints as to what your after (colour, size,  metal etc.)I cant believe your getting maried!  Congrats!  What a lucky man! I hope he knows how blessed he really is.

    Tilla Rose xoxo

  3. Alejandro avatar
    Alejandro Jul 3, 2013

    nice work Tilla
    im so happy to see this