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Rebellious Rose Jewelry

Rebellious Rose Jewellery... Untamed jewellery for those who are willing to ROCK outside the box.

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  1. tracey lawford avatar
    tracey lawford Mar 16, 2011

    could you please let me know the cost of a smokey quartz thorn in the rose silver ring. i saw one in the needlemakers in lewes. when i went back to inquire about it they said you had taken your collection away.many thanks

  2. Jackie Rodzinski avatar
    Jackie Rodzinski Mar 31, 2011


  3. Tilla Abel avatar
    Tilla Abel Apr 19, 2011

    Hello Tracey!
    First I must appologise for not getting back to you sooner. I just realizd that there is an error on my website, and that none of my email is getting to me, so if you would use my personal email until futher notice , thanks.  .

    Second, I have a smokey Quartz Thorn in my rose ring available to be shipped out direct, the list price is £300, however, I feel you deserve a huge discount beacause it took me so long to reply, so I can ship it to you this week, postage included for £250.
    I have moved over to America, so it will be shipped from here if you decide you would like it.
    Again sorry about the delay, but I assure you it is well worth it, this ring is a real stunner!
    Tia Rose

  4. Sandy Foist avatar
    Sandy Foist Mar 19, 2012

    Hey girl,
    Ive been drawn to Ravens…been seeing them for a few years now. I write poetry, and at the moment, this phrase keeps rolling around in my head…The Raven and the Rose. I think it might be cool if you designed something with a Raven and a Rose. A pendant perhaps? I think it might be really neat.